Free the World Champ

Dear Friends,

Our Friend and a great Person Roman Tsindeliani is in trouble. He needs Our Support. Here is the chronology of the story:

On April 11th Roman has been arrested by US Immigration Service. Right in the street. They took Him to immigration jail and locked him up. The reason why they arrested Roman; they say that Roman Tsindeliani (as shown on his documents) is not Roman Tsindeliani. They also say that Roman's Documents are fake. I want to remind you that Roman got US Permanent Residency (Green Card) last year, Driver's License, SS# as well. All these documents have been issued by same US Immigration Service, Homeland Security, Social Services. We all know how a person is checked by the US authorities prior to getting any papers or citizenship. Roman traveled a couple of times using same documents, well he uses them every day! Now the US authorities say Roman is not really Roman? This Monday (April 25) Roman had court date and was supposed to receive an approval for bail out, but the judge moved the date to May 3rd. The reason was the following; Roman's attorney and friends brought the originals of his Medals, diplomas, not the copies. The court needs copies (???). Now Roman tried to be bailed out, but they would not allow it. Then want more proof that he is really Roman Tsindeliani (very interesting case).

He called Me from jail, talked to me, explained the situation. He was confused from such a nonsense. He is in jail already 2 weeks for nothing!!! I also keep in touch with his friends in New Jersey. Now, Roman needs that people recognize Him as Roman Tsindeliani. We can do it in our posts in this board, in new website that Mr. Robert Drenk created to support Roman. The more people will say that the Person in jail is Roman Tsindeliani, the better thing is for His Next court date. You can post photos, videos, links, anything that shows Roman's face and please confirm that You know Him as Roman. This way Armwrestlers can help Him in some way.

Thank You. It is time to support and protect our Friend. Let's do it!